Jelena's Discworld MUD Quotes

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(Church of Lu Bu) Kyrnin S Thomsson isn't warpeds. he's just looking for a
caveman with a prodigious manhood. ;)

(Church of Lu Bu) Seirou: "All right. Belief in God gone, sunglasses and bomb case gained."

Ptlepshut wisped: history
Ptlepshut wisped: mischat
Ptlepshut wisped: miscommand
Ptlepshut wisped: miseverything
Ptlepshut wisped: I'm a failure.

To the east, the town crier shouts: the town crier shouts: the town crier
shouts: the town crier shouts: the town crier shouts...

Cize wisped: A bar waitress checking to see if a woman was legally old enough to
drink was handed her own stolen driver's license, which was reported
missing weeks earlier, police said. "The odds of this waitress recovering
her own license defy calculation," police Capt. Guy Turner said Monday.
Marcus wisped that he is tempted to defy Capt. Guy Turner and calcuate said
Anelej wisped that she sniggers.
Julnar wisped: 'could you let me hold on to this licence while I get your drinks
ma'am, I'll only be a minute'
Cize wisped: well, if we assume: N = population of said town,Pc = percentage of
people who steal IDs, W = number of wait staff at the restaurants, R =
number of restaurants in the town
Cize wisped: P(clash) = N * Pc * (1/W) * (1/R)
Cize wisped: Good old internet ;p
Julnar wisped: how big is the town?
Pythium wisped: Don't forget to factor in the out-of-town visitors coming in to
Cize wisped: Oh, that's true :(
Julnar wisped: and out of town thieves
Cize wisped: I guess it does defy calculation :(

(Church of Lu Bu) Thakh Eterain almost had a V3X.. almost.
(Church of Lu Bu) Seirou: Is that some embarrassing personal ailment?

(newbie) Llylia: He's right. Milton you are a disgrace to the guild. Sorry. Do
the run. It will kill you and you can get a new body :)
(newbie) Llylia tries to be helpful.

Sakis says: hello
You exclaim: If only someone would find it for me!
You sob quietly.
Sakis asks: what have you lost anelej?
You exclaim: My marbles! They were here just a moment ago!
Sakis starts to search around.

(Priests) Spank wisps: Pwnt.
(Priests) Spank wisps: Mispwnt.

(Priests) Stigwald wisps: Leaving in droves for vegas?
(Priests) Droves wisps: We're going to Vegas?
(Priests) Coy wisps that she goes for broke.
(Priests) Droves wisps that he woot!
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: I'm hot in vegas!
(Priests) Droves wisps that he packs his coat.
(Priests) Anelej wisps: snatch beads from droves leaving in droves
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: (in August)
(Priests) Droves wisps: We can't go in August, it's too hot.
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: What's that in real money?
(Priests) Droves wisps: Like, 120 deg F or something.
(Priests) Droves wisps: Good Evening. Tonight on It's The Mind, we examine the
phenomena of deja vu. That strange feeling we get that we've lived through
something before, that what is happening now has already happened.
(Priests) Anelej wisps: How much is that in real?
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: only 48 dollars, you say?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: What's this about vegas then?
(Priests) Droves wisps: Apparently it's too hot in August.
(Priests) Droves wisps: 120 degrees!
(Priests) Pythium wisps: Isn't it always though?
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: nonsense!
(Priests) Anelej wisps: How much is that in real temperature?
(Priests) Pythium wisps: It's in the middle of the desert, y'know.
(Priests) Kissaki wisps: Kelvin?
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: I'm just hot enough in August in vegas!
(Priests) Droves wisps: 48C?
(Priests) Droves wisps: Kaedlyn is always hot in Vegas.
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: aww
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps that she blushes
(Priests) Pythium wisps: C = (5/8)*(F-32)
(Priests) Tylor wisps: Kaedlyn is always hot. Period.
(Priests) Droves wisps: 5/9
(Priests) Droves wisps: Innit?
(Priests) Pythium wisps: Sorry, typo.
(Priests) Pythium wisps: It is.
(Priests) Anelej wisps: I could go with Kelvin, it's certainly easier to convert
into centigrade than °F is.
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: 48 dollars to do kaedlyn in vegas? in august you say?
(Priests) Droves wisps: We're not going to Vegas.
(Priests) Pythium wisps: C = K-273.
(Priests) Droves wisps: It's too hot.
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: then I shall be lonely.. and quite broke.
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: Too bad, Kaedlyn's hottest in may though..
(Priests) Droves wisps: How hot?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: I'm about -273 C inside..
(Priests) Droves wisps: What's that in real money?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: That's about equivalent to "dead inside" in real
(Priests) Anelej wisps: Why are we doing Kaedlyn in Vegas?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: Because it's hot?
(Priests) Spank wisps: ...
(Priests) Droves wisps: (in August)
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: In vegas.
(Priests) Anelej wisps: But we are not going to Vegas.
(Priests) Spank wisps: Anelej, that was SO prone to quoting out of context.
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: But it's hot!
(Priests) Droves wisps: Whyever not?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: Are we doing kaedlyn btw?
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: and it's cheap, only 48 dollars!
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: sorry, i'm gone now
(Priests) Droves wisps: What's that in real money?
(Priests) Anelej wisps: I dunno. Kaedlyn, are we doing Vegas in real money?
(Priests) Pythium wisps that he wonders if he needs to bring his rod.
(Priests) Droves wisps that he performs tongues.
(Priests) Anelej wisps: On Pythium's rod?
(Priests) Tylor wisps: There are no real money in Vegas.
(Priests) Pythium wisps: Ewww, Anelej!
(Priests) Spank wisps that he peers.
(Priests) Spank wisps that he installs webcams in Pyth's and Droves' room.
(Priests) Tylor wisps: This talk is perverted enough for Priests, but is
senseless like we are on One.
(Priests) Anelej wisps that she ponders quoting the lot on her quotes page.
(Priests) Droves wisps: Don't do that, it's too hot.
(Priests) Anelej wisps: In real money?
(Priests) Droves wisps: 10 dollah!
(Priests) Kaedlyn wisps: 10 dollars isn't hot!
(Priests) Anelej wisps: In Vegas?
(Priests) Inrau wisps: Or money.
(Priests) Droves wisps: It aten't?

The polished palace guard says: Move along now.
The spleen runner leaves north.

(Priests) Spank wisps: Oh, for fish's sake, I failed light...
(Priests) Thakh wisps that he sharpens his finger.
(Priests) Thakh wisps that he attaches a laser pointer to it.
(Priests) Thakh wisps that he points.
(Priests) Thakh wisps that he laughs.
(Priests) Spank wisps that he whines.

(Priests) Anelej wisps: What do you get when you cross a kangaroo and a sheep?
(Priests) Ultimo wisps: a kiwi ?

(newbiehelpers) Taint: wasn't it pussyness probe or some such?
(newbiehelpers) Tique: ...
(newbiehelpers) Emer: Erm. :P
(newbiehelpers) Tique: um, not quite.
(newbiehelpers) Tique: the word is "puissance"

(Witches) aVANT wisps that she goes to make a pot of tea
(Witches) Lucretia wisps that she cheers Avant. Mine is 2 sugars and one scumble
dearie (or was that 2 scumbles and one sugar?)
(Witches) aVANT wisps: double on the rocks for lucretia..

(Priests) Spank wisps: Don't worry, dear. I'm sure there's a lot of other people
that aren't Reality's exboyfriends out there.
(Priests) Reality wisps: Not as many as you might think :P

(Priests) Milly wisps: we dont rust, we're covered in vaseline.
(Priests) Spank wisps: Pishe, goddess of vaseline?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: I thought that was another god's position?
(Priests) Stigwald wisps: Buttsekc, the God of Vaseline?

(newbiehelpers) Murderkia: how do i book that private room in Le Cochon?
(newbiehelpers) Murderkia: i'm there with a girl now
(newbiehelpers) Murderkia: i need help desperately

(Witches) Kit wisps: its my parTea and I'll brew if I want tooo

(Apex) Tique wisps: we've never invaded anywhere
(Apex) Tique wisps: except scotland
(Apex) Tique wisps: and they invited us
(Apex) Gaelen wisps: no we didnt!
(Apex) Gaelen wisps: you just turned up all hello hello stab stab stab

(Witches) Qanda wisps: Well, you try hitting a frightened frog with a stiletto.

(the flowers of perpetual annoyance) Gitta Clue: That sounded really deep and
really stupid at the same time.
(the flowers of perpetual annoyance) Elauna de Montreve: That's me all over.

(cre) Terano: Ah, witch creators.
(cre) Terano: Can't educate them.
(cre) Terano: Can't stuff them into furnaces.
(cre) Hagi: Why not?
(cre) Terano: Well, I don't have a furnace big enough

(Witches) Yavanna wisps: If you squeeze her then she'll drop it there and then

(the flowers of perpetual annoyance) Reality Check su's to her inner bitch.

(cre) Jelena groans. One typo, and you get this: "You shit around standing
in a comfortable couch."
(cre) Flurble: shit? I'm not sure you can say that...
(cre) Ruin passes Jelena some more rubber knickers
(cre) Jelena: Do we count as a public channel? *looks panicky*
(cre) Flurble: ye gods no
(cre) Gin: Yes, you're fired!
(cre) Jelena: Shit.

(cre) Sojan: I'm definately getting jaded.
(cre) Pinkfish carves Sojan in green.

(cre) Hagi: He's a non-playing character... yes, but he's not a living.
(cre) Woom: He's not an npc, but I think he's living...

(the flowers of perpetual annoyance) Aikanaro: Like a slightly wet, pulsating
circle of pornography.

(cre) Ptoink: pah, specifically! What care I for some word starting with s?!

(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Trauma: Fire. Picts. Winter. Warmth. Fertility.
Shagging. Corn. Burning things. Alcohol. Shagging. Fun. God of Fire. Sun.
Awakening. Spring. Lambs. Shagging.
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Trauma: and that's just in Aberdeen ! :D
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Jelena: You heathen scum!
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Alwin: Yes?
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Jelena: Pass the salt, please.

(Witches) Reality wisps: I only mud because of you, Madasahatta.
(Witches) Madasahatta wisps: oh nice, now everyone will blame _me_

(Apex) Wodan wisps: so how many people netsex npcs and eat them? :/

(Apex) Nayeli wisps: > You ravish Pthag. You get a strange burning sensation in your armpit.

(newbiehelpers) Ded: Yours came faster, but mine is bigger!

(Witches) Helena wisps: i have whips, can i come?

(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Sasquatch: please help me!
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Sasquatch feels like a quest npc

(cre) Kana: Bloody Civ3.
You cre-tell: It frequently is, yes.
(cre) Kana: I have bad feelings about this continent.
(cre) Archana: which one? greenland? I've always found it suspicious

(newbie) Mattimeo: is being a priest hard?
(newbie) Soft: Not really, take me as an example :)

(Witches) Jelena wisps: lag is just a figmentation of your imaginment.
(Witches) Earwax wisps: well, my imagination is figmenting a lot today...

(Apex) Aikanaro wisps: Actually, not a year ago. Two years ago. I forgot about
2003 again

(cre) Drakkos: Yeah, many is the time I've used my sweaty, hairy man-bosoms to
get served at a bar.
(cre) Drakkos: I can't actually recall a time it helped tho'.
(cre) Dasquian: By scaring away the other patrons?
(cre) Reality shuffles upto Drakkos, thinks for a moment and then shuffles away,
somewhat faster.

(Witches) Toverij wisps: Doesn't matter how old you are, you still do, just
takes you alot longer :P
[We were talking about TMs. Honest.]

(cre) Miv: Im not very bright

(cre) Flurble: less of the shagging, please! my innocence can't take it!

(cre) Drakkos: Kids, if you don't stop DRIVING US CRAZY I swear I'm turning this
MUD around and we're going back home.
(cre) Flurble: are we nearly THERE yet?
(cre) Reality: They started it! Its not faiiiiiir!
(cre) Flurble: can we stop for a McD's?
(cre) Flurble: can we stop for an ice cream?
(cre) Cato pulls Flurble's hair.
(cre) Flurble: can we stop for chocolate?
(cre) Moxy: :pulls Reality's hair
(cre) Drakkos: Yeah.
(cre) Gin: Are we nearly there yet?
(cre) Moxy: Daaaaaaaad
(cre) Flurble: Muuuuuuum! Cato's being MEEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNNN :(
(cre) Cato: I didn't do ANYTHING!
(cre) Flurble nips Cato in the side
(cre) Moxy: Dad it's my turn to sit in the front
(cre) Danbala: Did too!
(cre) Cato sulks.
(cre) Flurble: are we nearly there YET?
(cre) Gin: Did too, I saw you :(
(cre) Cato blows a raspberry at Danbala.
(cre) Moxy: Sojan just zapped me! MUUUUUUUUUUUm
(cre) Cato: Daaaaad! Flurble swore!
[Creators' true nature: You always suspected it, but now you have the proof]

(cre) Feantur: So. Who wants to fix a pt's runtiming spell?
(cre) Stormgren: I would if I could, but I can't. So I won't.
(cre) Feantur: You tell Priscilla of the Endless: Mhm, it looks your best bet
would be to either catch Devon or wait for the rep to be Looked At, Stared
At, DENIED and the spell deleted.

(cre) Woom: Oh no, the doom is upon me :(
(cre) Ruin: Woom's Doom?
(cre) Woom's doom is soon.
(cre) Sasquatch: the room of Woom's Doom?
(cre) Gin: Room of Woom's Doom soon, about noon?
(cre) Sasquatch: you Goon!

(cre) Drakkos: NPCs! I knew we had forgotten something.

(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Hagi S Ptreston Esq does not look good in a thong.

Woom With A View tells you: I started coding that :P
Woom With A View tells you: It was a tad too complicated, though.
You tell Woom With A View: As well as faintly pointless.
Woom With A View nods happily at you.

(Witches) Megan wisps: You shake your the voodoo rattle stick, which makes a
pleasant rattling sound. Skye goes white, looks very chalky and turns into
a statue.
(Witches) Megan wisps: fear me!
(Witches) Megan wisps that she beams

(cre) Sasquatch: I need to idle more

Aikanaro wisps: This conversation is probably not appropriate. Start talking
about table tennis.

Gnash wisps: I wish I was gay so I could try to seduce Pthag. :(

(newbiehelpers) Cyzaki: (someone) asks you: hello, can you please tell me what
are prayer beds used for?
(newbiehelpers) Mental: it is for storing virgins
(newbiehelpers) Kissaki: better get fresh virgins
(newbiehelpers) Arwyn: Or at least barely used virgins.

(newbiehelpers) Kissaki: creators aren't renewable light sources eitehr, no
matter how hot you burn them :)

Calis wisped: do you want to be naked in a shower block while prison guards
throw delousing powder at you? or would you rather take the nice flea
Aikanaro wisped: Hmm.
Aikanaro wisped: Tell me more about those prison guards.

Panin von Bruxa tells you: i feel the urge to get killed by a samurai
Panin von Bruxa tells you: i think i've got that the wrong way round, somehow

(Playtesters) Carino wisps: that's so unfair, I can go whole minutes without
thinking of sex

Flurble tells Sera Ookerton and you: '(Wizards) Haslo wisps: who the heck is

(newbiehelpers) Karah: can I be a clothesline? I've always wanted to be a

(newbiehelpers) Ded: Why were we talking about pushing things up Ekko's urethra

(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Yavanna Clutterbuck: um... there's a duck and a pacman
running across between me and the space invaders
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Yavanna Clutterbuck has an identity crises

(newbiehelpers) Nayeli: woohoo, sexy new helpers
You newbiehelpers-tell: Am I sexy?
(newbiehelpers) Nayeli: no, you're a witch
(newbiehelpers) Nayeli: sorry.

(newbie) Reabe: how do i join the preists guild
(newbie) Roywalker: how do i get new commands?
(newbie) Rorln: there is this woman i like, how do i get her to notice me?

(Playtesters) Katata wisps: uuh, I think something is wrong with my katana
(Playtesters) Danbala wisps: katatatana.
(Playtesters) Katata wisps: Or behead was changed..
(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Or -you- were changed!
(Playtesters) Leelo wisps: It's probably quantum
(Playtesters) Katata wisps: My girlfriend always says that I've changed
(Playtesters) Feantur wisps: Omg! Let's delete him before it spreads!

(Witches) Minnie wisps: have you ever killed anyone famous?
(Witches) Sera wisps that she killed Thoin took ages and he had to
help. Does that count?

Thudric d'Holee exclaims to you: soo glad to see you. I'm going to bed. I hated
to while I was alone. LOL. Night!

(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Alwin: I'm not getting any either

(newbiehelpers) Nayeli: when your director adds comments like "//what the hell
does this do?" it makes you scared.

(newbie) CasaNova: anyone want a feel of me
(newbie) Karah: please save all random outbursts for your talker :)
(newbie) Nayeli: you must not like your newbie channel very much :(
(newbie) CasaNova: sorry
(newbie) CasaNova: actually im not sorry stop repressing me
(newbie) Skye: Sexual desires need to be repressed in order to become one with
your heart, mind and soul.
(newbie) Skye: If you can do that for me, that'd be terrific. If not, you will
lose your newbie channel - it's here for a reason. Use it properly, or
don't use it at all.
(newbie) CasaNova: exactly your already trying to get me under your thumb

(Apex) Gitta wisps: You could invent a sane-o-meter you could point at people.
(Apex) Jelena wisps: "mhealth" or some such. "mhealth seirou" > Seirou is
looking a bit fuzzy around the edges.
(Apex) Seirou wisps that he gibbers and froths.
(Apex) Gitta wisps: You point your sane-o-meter at Jelena.
(Apex) Gitta wisps: The sane-o-meter explodes!
(Apex) llearch wisps: Jelena eats it.
(Apex) Jelena wisps: Oops.
(Apex) Gitta wisps: Little bits of fried imp fly through the air.
(Apex) Madasahatta wisps: hmm, fried imps

(Assassins) Skye wisps: liaison Are you saying I related everything to penises? =(
(Assassins) Skye wisps: Um =P

You newbie-tell: About to reboot, plus Sundays are back-up days. :)
Seirou exclaims to you: That's an idea... if I don't like my, say, Tuesday, I
can restore a backup and make it a Sunday! Very nice!

(newbie) DataTek: there is a frog wobling around me happily :(
(newbie) Dogbolter: We have a lot of frogs here.
(newbie) DataTek: what does the assassin motto mean?
(newbie) Lanfear: "We do it from behind."

Priesht newbie-told: Are you wearing it?
Aikanaro newbie-told: (The brooch, not the womble.)
Priesht newbie-told: You only have to use 'newbie' not newbie help,
and you have to make sure you 'remove' it and try 'syntax give'.
Jelena newbie-told: (The brooch, not the channel)

(Intermud) Stormgren wisps: "We hate players, don't we?" "Uh, mischannel."
(Intermud) Aikanaro wisps: Ironically, I almost sent that to <newbie>.

(newbiehelpers) Nayeli: it's the "how do i tie my shoelaces" "what kind of shoes wsould i wear" "how do i get xp" "how do i get xp faster" "help me get xp" "can i get xp in these shoes?" types.

(Playtesters) Ubar wisps: [clover <PLAYER> not quite killed by stupidly eating
stuff that lived on the streets of AM <Am>]

(Witches) Megan wisps that she feels very graped

(Witches) Jelena wisps: Huh. Got these room chats inna row: "Squelch. Squelch.
(Witches) Sera wisps: Thats that cat again...
> (Witches) Flurble wisps: it's gone rusty

(Witches) Flurble wisps: of course, you've got it coated with gunk, so that's
prolly not much help....
> (Witches) Sera wisps: If you really want to teach me how to handle meat....

(Witches) Madasahatta wisps: i do it with boar tusks

Ivellious wisps: I think I liked this a lot more when we were discussing naked

(Witches) Daiquiri wisps: You'd never be able to get it up.

(newbie) Matimao: i am in some place wit loads of rabbits where am i
(newbie) Matimao: this is the newbie channel

(Playtesters) Elera wisps: pubic wigs don't have rules. afaik, anyhow.

Flurble tells you: '(Warriors) Wolfscorn's wispy voice comes from the small
stick, saying: Hello any Swordmasters around?'
Flurble tells you: '(Warriors) Flurble's wispy voice comes from the small
stick, saying: Sorry Wolfscorn, still can't hear you. Maybe your talker is
Flurble tells you: '(Warriors) Wolfscorn's wispy voice comes from the small
stick, saying: What about now?'
Flurble tells you: '(Warriors) Flurble's wispy voice comes from the small
stick, saying: much better, well done'

(Playtesters) Poyat wisps that he covers himself. It's a cold morning, I SWEAR!

(Playtesters) Archana wisps: anyone notice that you can pick up lemmings yet
(Playtesters) Ukko wisps that he wanders up to a lemming and casually says
"come here often?"

> (Apex) Sined wisps: hmm > recover human corpse .... You recover the corpse of a
cute sheep and leave it here.
(Apex) Thoin wisps: Half sheep, half welsh?
(Apex) Thoin wisps: Oh wait, cute...half new zealander, then.

> (Witches) KATia wisps: A Creator Collector Card, a dart and the corpse of
Hurukan Ravenborne are on the ground and a lit torch is hanging from a
(Witches) KATia wisps: is that a quest?

(newbiehelpers) Aerk: Everyone makes fun of Poor Drakky yet he is really a Nice
Person filled with only Kindness and Light.
(newbiehelpers) KATia: you mean hollow?

> (Playtesters) Homer wisps: could someone save me from this place I've nearly
ran out of coins trying to find my way out
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: See a penny, pick it up, see a penny, pick it up,
see a penny - Oh, Hi Homer!

(Playtesters) Aces wisps: Huru... ghetto blaster isn't a *gun* :p
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: oh. :)
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: I don't want to know.
(Playtesters) Aces wisps: It's a hifi system :p
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: Oh, whew :)

> (newbie) Daneor: Erm - where is Artan?
You newbie-tell: East along the corridors, past the guards, east, up, north.
You newbie-tell: er. West. duh. :(
Deuces of Clubs admires your directions.
You newbie-tell: *blushes furiously*
> Laryt Willows asks you: Want me to go and let him out of the butchers' ice room now?

(Apex) Tempus wisps: due to my marvellous rearrange - i fail to pick anything
up heavier than a cold

(Playtesters) Jelena wisps: I have the feeling the bones turned into withered

To the north, a town crier shouts: Hey, I wonder what would happen if I shouted
To the north, a sudden chill passes through the land as Crier is carried off
screaming to the land of shades.

In the distance to the northeast, the LAG yells: Papergirl!!!!

(Thieves) Tomas wisps: you like being indecisive? or you arn't sure if you like
(Thieves) Feefy wisps: I think I like being indecisive. Possibly. I mean, on
one hand... but then, really... Well, maybe I do.

To the north, RUTB Buoyant shouts: my carrots don't make sense anymore

(Priests) Thakh wisps: Lawks! I am but a harmless botherer of gods, come have a
blessing dearie lawks!

(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Yavanna loves sasquatch
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Sasquatch beams
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Beale despises Sasquatch.
(UK mudmeet alcoholics) Sasquatch sobs

[smoked] Laryt takes cover
[smoked] Laryt takes a few other things too
[smoked] Laryt sneaks off

To the northeast, a town crier yells: When's a door not a door? When it's a
There is a sharp crack as a door is slammed hard.

Faolan quietly asks you: can I meet you somewhere and give it to you?
> Faolan quietly asks you: erm, pay you?

(Witches) Nimue wisps: I think I should sleep. I'm now doing odd things to my corpse
(Witches) Liesse wisps: O necrophilia sure is a fun thing to do....
(Witches) Liesse wisps: You can boogie with a skeleton or shag with a ghoul
(Witches) Nimue wisps: but Nimue's Corpse can never be buggered at all
(Witches) Liesse wisps: Even if you stand on a stool

(Witches) Cmutty wisps: heh tapping feet...then saying ferry ferry! and it
(Witches) Jelena wisps: Ferry godmother?
> Liesse von Bruxa groans at you.
Cmutty Brainchild giggles at you.

(Playtesters) Drakkos wisps: Multiple occurances of a room chat are not a bug -
multiple occurances of an NPC chat are. Is. Am.

(newbie) Nayeli: wodan is so mean to me :( just 'cause i'm old and wrinkled
(newbie) Nayeli: er... mischat. what i meant was: drop <item>

(Playtesters) Aces wisps: Oooh... oooh...
(Playtesters) Aces wisps that he hops from foot to foot.
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: 2 doors down the hall on the left, Aces.
(Playtesters) Aces wisps: *Finally*!
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: Remember to wash your hands after :)
(Playtesters) Aces wisps that he rushes off.

> Devon Nulloff tells Ibblek Ookerton and you: Good news: .... err... well, there
isn't any. Just sounded nice. The Bad news is: I tested the wrong effect,
the Worse news is: I need you to test the right one :-P

(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Your fingers say no, but your nipples say "yes!"
> (Playtesters) Devon wisps: Ibblek, love? Your coffin is ready.
[much, much later]
> (Playtesters) Devon wisps: Shinobi is running from my thingy :-(

(newbiehelpers) Keil Alucinor: Would the Discworld MUD movie be called 'Any
Given Thursday' ?

[Which: You call that hacking? OMG!!1!1111! you da sux0rs. Man like you so
CRAP that my hed hurts. So flip off and and come back when you da man. And your
momma sux0rs too so get her back to skool.]

[Gitta: You call that sharp? "QUACK" said the duck, and it was right.]

> [Jelena: You call that mocking? Oh, come ON, seriously...]

[Gitta: You call that slicing? Quack Quack Quack, Wotcher Wotcher Wotcher,
Lawks Lawks Lawks. And Granny Weatherwax in Bad Ass, too.]

[Dishrag: You call that mocking? Why that was the worst example of mocking I
have ever seen! Back out in the Ramtops, I used to live next door to a man with
no arms and no legs. His name was Muskload, or Muckloe, or Muckloan, if I
recall... But anyway, back to the story. He was a sight to behold when he was
mocking, even without appendages. He could mock faster than you, mock better
than you, and mock with more gusto than you! I remember calling Gytha Ogg
around one time to watch Old Muh-thingy mock, and she had to go and have a
lie-down afterwards, she did...]

[Which: You call that parrying? Out of scumble error. The number you have
dialed is incorrect or not available. Please try again later. Please listen to
this mock in its entirety as some of its menu items have changed. For Customer
enquiries about why you suck, please press one now. For a second opinion on why
you keep failing, please press 2 now. To talk to a customer service attendent
after being put on hold for the next 2 hours, please press "sucker".]

> [Jelena: You call that mocking? Aliases don't count, Dishrag. :P]

[Which: You call that parrying? The weapons you are looking for are currently
unavailable. The country might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you
may need to adjust your weapons inspectors mandate."]

[Gitta: You call that parrying? Liek omg thats teh lol u n00b!!!!!!1111]

> [Which: You call that slicing? What particular one or ones: Which of these is
yours? The one or ones previously mentioned or implied, specifically: a) Used
as a relative pronoun in a clause that provides additional information about
the antecedent: my house, which is small and old. b) Used as a relative pronoun
preceded by that or a preposition in a clause that defines or restricts the
antecedent: that which he needed]

[Which: You call that casting? mock v. mocked, mock·ing, mocks v. tr. To treat
with ridicule or contempt]

[Which: You call that slicing? mock v. mocked, mock·ing, mocks v. tr. To treat
with ridicule or contempt deride. To mimic, as in sport or derision. See
Synonyms at ridicule. To imitate, counterfeit. To frustrate the hopes of,

[Gitta: You call that mocking? If that's supposed to be mocking then ARGH NOT

[Dishrag: You call that spamming? Let me show you the one, the only, the
original MONTY PYTHON SPAM SKETCH! Man: You sit here, dear. Wife: All right.
Man: Morning! Waitress: Morning! Man: Well, what've you got? Waitress: Well,
there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon]

> Flurble tells you: 'The handsome sheep shearer says: G'day, someone. Jelena
Slytherin sent me to cheer you up.'

A small womble hurries up to you and gives a purple rose to you. It mumbles
something about being from "Nevvyn", looks apologetic and then scurries away.

You read the note on the purple rose:
Some carefully constructed characters that might mean:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm really bored,
So here's my log, just for you.

You tell Jelena Slytherin: All those quotes, and not one from me.. feh.
Jelena Slytherin exclaims to you: Well, say something groundbreaking!
You tell Jelena Slytherin: Something groundbreaking.
You ask Jelena Slytherin: Will that do it?
Jelena Slytherin tells you: Uh. No.
You tell Jelena Slytherin: Pants.


(Playtesters) Squeeka wisps: i get some coins when i look coins or money
(Playtesters) Carino wisps that he also gets coins when he looks at them, but
that's just because he's a thief with bad self control

(newbiehelpers) Ded d'd'd'd'd'd'ded: 'In todays edition of "Virgin Life" we
talk to Suzie (19) about her love of horses, whips and large aquatic
(newbiehelpers) Mellandrin d'Deridex: Not that everyone who knits is a virgin.
(newbiehelpers) Mellandrin d'Deridex: Or that all virgins knit. Hmm, I
shouldn't ave said that :p
[later again]
(newbiehelpers) Ded d'd'd'd'd'd'ded wonders whose going to be the first person
on here to mischat about dripping virgin knitters on the actual newbie
channel :P

> Avonlea exclaims to you: You are too smart!!!

> (Playtesters) Nayeli wisps: i want some newbie playtesters :D >
(Playtesters) Nayeli wisps: typo room - u wrote you insted of u k thx

(Playtesters) Nayeli wisps: fun is not allowed on dw

(Playtesters) Polleke wisps: You get off in the basket chair and stand up. I
needed that ;)

> (Apex) TGGM wisps: Aww, they only tell me I could attract men with enourmous
breasts. Though why I'd want to attract men, least of all ones with
enourmous breasts is beyond me.

> (newbie) Jahras: go to room
(newbie) Mental: wow, I knew this was a family MUD, but to actually see my dad
come online...

> (Playtesters) Pinkfish wisps: Yes, I noticed cwc seemed to be in ther wrong
spot yesterday.
(Playtesters) Pinkfish wisps: Ahhh, well I made up the south/north thing. So
they could be wrong :)
(Playtesters) Elauna wisps: That puts Cori Celesti in the middle of the Circle

(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Make spear do two damage and kill the caster, I
Don't Care. Just make sure it's bug free. :-P

> (Playtesters) Devon wisps: Hagi!
(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Sorry.
(Playtesters) Hagi wisps: Devon!
(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Rocky.
(Playtesters) Hagi wisps: Dr Scott!
(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Janet?
(Playtesters) Ibblek wisps: Brad?
(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Rocky!
(Playtesters) Ded wisps: Brad!
(Playtesters) Jelena wisps: Johnboy!
> (Playtesters) Devon wisps: Harder!
(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Oh..wait..

> (Apex) Maya wisps: pling plong
(Apex) Jelena wisps: Bleep.
> (Apex) Narmio wisps: Parp.
(Apex) Coke wisps: Bwoop
(Apex) Maya wisps: Frink.
(Apex) Narmio wisps: Gzlort.
(Apex) Coke wisps: Nerbangle
(Apex) Narmio wisps: Jnyarkf
(Apex) Jelena wisps: Now that's just silly.

(Witches) AussieChick wisps: omg! help! i went into a shop and this freak
attacked me and now i have this painful shoes and that i can't take off
and there is something crawling inside them!

(Intermud) Pthag wisps: I don't know, what's bubbletape?
(Intermud) Pthag wisps: Is it like one long string of bubblegum?
(Intermud) Eldric wisps: 6 foot long roll of bubblegum
(Intermud) Jelena wisps: Do you line coffins with it?
> (Intermud) Eldric wisps: no, you cut off a piece and eat it
(Intermud) Grudthak wisps: Sounds like coffin-lining to me.
(Intermud) Eldric wisps: it's NOT!
(Intermud) Grudthak wisps: Says you.

> (Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: Did I mention I'm blind? :)
(Playtesters) Polleke wisps: yes, could you -now- at least stop touching
yourself :)
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: Hehe :P
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: I can't, it's addictive :P
(Playtesters) Polleke wisps: dear god, you swallow it too ? :P
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: Ok, shutting up again. After I take my foot out of
my mouth :P
(Playtesters) Hurukan wisps: and no, I wasn't touching my feet!

Hexx tells you: hell, if horny women want to tell me how great I am I usually
listen ;)

ParANOIa tells you: You like spanking people with a pencil?:P
ParANOIa tells you: You sick sick puppy=P

In the distance to the northwest, Sokkard yells: Woo hoo! 0 has no underwear

(Witches) Dishrag wisps: The first through fifth rules of PT are "You dont talk
about PT". The sixth and most frequently invoked rule of PT is "Whatever
Drakkos does to PTs is a very special and personal thing, best not talked
with other people about, because Uncle Drakkie could be put away for a
Very Long Time. You wouldn't want Uncle Drakkie to go away, would you?"

> (Playtesters) Koryn wisps: Shabree is good with people. Boiling, baking,
frying, eating. Shabree's people waffles, they're waffly versatile.

(Playtesters) BFG wisps: I believe Laurana's original PT indoctrination
processes recommended. 1. Bug rep, 2. Creator. 3. Lord! 4. Ritual suicide.
> (Playtesters) Terano wisps: Nowadays, we prefer that you do 1,4,4,4.

(Two) Maya wisps: Real transcendence is like having a infinite supply of
chocolate, with none of the bad side effects.

(Thieves) Pyto wisps: terrysalt but to finish the convo i am damn sexy in a
short black dress
(Thieves) Pyto wisps: ehmmmmmm
(Thieves) Pyto wisps: misalias

> (newbie) TheFace: is this a game?

(newbie) Thegetium: who is this captain carrot?

(Playtesters) Panin wisps: history
(Playtesters) Jelena wisps: N00b!
> (Playtesters) Panin wisps: omg! i can't believe ijust did that!
Panin von Bruxa sobs on your shoulder.

(newbie) Semyon: I cannot burry my own corpse is that normal?
(newbie) Mental: yes
(newbie) Mental: just leave it where it is, it will rot away in time
(newbie) Semyon: My Body ... rot away? what an awfull game

(Witches) Dishrag wisps: How often are you getting it, DLsss?

Cossack DeLaCroix asks you: hmm heres one you might be interested in: Xythenium
asks you: I have an optical mouse too. Can I use your girlfriend's arse as

(newbie) eIVd: what does it mean if someone raises their middle finger and
gives me the bird?

(cre) Koryn: If I was on the very left hand size of the time zone thingies,
just before my birthday, and then went zooming round to the right hand size of
the time zone thingies, so that it was just after my birthday, would I still
get cake?

(Two) Dishrag wisps: The llama is a quadruped which lives in big rivers like
the Amazon. It has two ears, a heart, a forehead, and a beak for eating
honey. Llamas are bigger than frogs. Llamas are dangerous, so if you see
one where people are swimming, you must shout: "look out, there are
> (Two) Gitta wisps: But are they more dangerous than the drop bears?

> (Witches) Madasahatta wisps: 'You feel more able to make people do things
against their will.' :)
(Witches) Sugendran wisps: Working on becoming cre?

(Witches) Which wisps: i can nearly kill rats no problem now

> (Playtesters) Alyona wisps: Nayeli, half the witches guild now wants to
chocolate wrestle with us
(Playtesters) Nayeli wisps: the manwich half? :/

(newbie) Arcanis: im in the small gods temple but i cant find Harry where is he
Ive been looking fo nearly an hour.
You newbie-tell: Curious, he isn't that difficult to find. Look west from the
> (newbie) Dogbolter: Type helpers. This will give you a list of people who are
paid to assist yo in your time of need.
You newbie-tell: Paid? PAID?!
> (newbie) Dogbolter: eg jelena.
(newbie) Dogbolter: Have a penny, and shut up.
Dogbolter waves his wand and you are suddenly 1 Lancre penny richer!
> money
Your purse contains 36 Lancre shillings and one Lancre penny.
You glare stonily at Dogbolter Minogue.
Dogbolter Minogue beams at you.
Dogbolter Minogue tells you: Enjoy your penny. Please don't waste it all at

(Playtesters) Fresno wisps: help! shinobi is forcing me to strip!

(Playtesters) Mimer's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying: i just
imagine the cre interaction as one ongoing all-female orgy, but that has
nothing to do with politics

(Witches) Nimue wisps: any witch want a sturdy chest?

(Witches) Gitta's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying: Lawks, I'm
not a bug, I'm a feature!

(Witches) Flurble's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying: brown
bunny g-string??? *swoons*
(Witches) Flurble's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying that she
admires chug's fluffy bits

(Playtesters) Warrax wisps: Maelin would be an odd place to look for logic,
that's for sure.

(Bastard Players from Hell) Pthag: So it's a very angular tree.

(newbie) Kenjii: how do i set myself to aggresive?
(newbie) Archana: drink lots of caffine

Jeslek disintegrates Library.
Jeslek disintegrates something.
Jeslek disintegrates How did you get in here? Best leave quickly and tell a
Jeslek sighs.

[after a discussion on bathing]
(Bastard Players from Hell) Mental DeLaCroix: Let me get this straight: this
all involves me leaving the Drum, right?

Xylo Illusione beats Greco the Departure Gecko's body to a pulp.
Xylo Illusione moves aggressively towards Greco the Departure Gecko!
Greco the Departure Gecko smiles brightly.

(Thieves) Juan's wispy voice comes from the small stick, saying: I spend most
of the day bent over :/

You lick Shinobi pensively.
> Shinobi blinks.
Shinobi shuffles away from you.

(Playtesters) Tarzan's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying: Dream
likes sheep

(Witches) Bathoffina wisps that she purrs from underneath the towel.
(Witches) Bathoffina wisps: Coo, that didn't sound good :P

(Bastard Players from Hell) Sera Ookerton: someoen remind me who snuggler was,
before he was snuggler?
(Bastard Players from Hell) Thoin: Cuddler?
(Bastard Players from Hell) Sygon The Damned: hugger?
(Bastard Players from Hell) Jelena von Bruxa: I just read that as "bugger".

(Bastard Players from Hell) Azazael Illusione: Howdy bastards :)
(Bastard Players from Hell) Flurble: same to you, ya prick!

Ximthea al'Nighter rubs her ball.

(Bastard Players from Hell) Flurble: oh, what a classic quote I've got for
(Bastard Players from Hell) Flurble: '<name edited to protect the shameful>
waves his purple battering ram at your pink love palace'

*07:37:12* Flurble newbie-told: stats arebury guano

(Playtesters) Avatar's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying: I
didn't realize I was killing you!

(Witches) Blarka's wispy voice comes from witch's pointy hat, saying: Yes, Your
Aunty was once a dutiful husband. But let's not make too much of that.

Warrax wisps: Wow, you so very crashed my zMUD. Taffyd. Crashed horribly!
Warrax wisps: It just said "Taffyd wisps: hm warrax is right." about 50 times
in highlighted red text, then crashed. :P
Aahz wisps: That's what happens when you agree with Warrax. You've been warned.

Zube wisps: "A ghastly scream echoes through the forest." i hate that.... cos
it makes me think someone else is killing something.... and i wish it was

(newbie) Wodan: hey Kana! a/s/l?
(newbie) Jelena: Pssst, Wodan, this is not a chat channel!
(newbie) Wodan: oops, sorry
(newbie) Kissaki: This is not a chat channel Wodan, please use
the talker for that
(newbie) Kissaki: if you still have your voucher you can
'exchange' it for a talker Wodan :)
(newbie) Ibblek: a talker shaped like Wodan?
(newbie) Jelena: Nah, Wodan is not hard enough.
(newbie) Wodan: i never got a voucher you insensitive clod

Terano wisps: That's right folks.. but if you dial in the next 15 minutes,
we'll throw in charges of terroism at no extra cost!

(newbiehelpers) Flurble: woo, did someone code a money tree recently?
(newbiehelpers) Mental DeLaCroix shuffles away guiltily.

(Witches) Alra wisps: No sucking Our Esme's kitchen into another dimension, our

TGGM DeLaCroix exclaims with Morporkian accent: Ooh, something cold and slimy
touched me!

(Playtesters) Jelena wisps: Oh my frigging gods, this is HUGE!
(Playtesters) Etain wisps: i bet you say that to all the cres

(Two) Jeremiah wisps: There's a sasquatch in Yorkshire?
(Two) VikiQ wisps: No, he's in Manchester at the minute.

Pthag wisps: Australia has this Thing about disturbing wildlife.
Gitta wisps: Yes, it's because so many..things arrived on a piece of floatsam.
Jelena wisps: Like camels.
Gitta wisps: Or drop bears.

> Xanthipe wisps: ok, anybody got any idea what the stick for 150 logins actually
Baziit wisps: Vibrator

(Teacher) Stoker: "Was that a scroll explosion or do I really really turn you on ?" :)

Reix wisps: It's just a weird looking fungus it's not that big of a deal ;p
> Reix wisps: S'not like it's gonna bite your face off while you're sleeping at
night and drink of your sweet brain juices.

> Pthag's wispy voice comes from the small stick, saying: Everywhere's west of
Pthag's wispy voice comes from the small stick, saying: Except the west pole.

Pthag's wispy voice comes from the small stick, saying: You stick to smelling
like dung and looking like a demon, and I'll stick to SF concepts, OK?

(newbie) Shinobi: help

You tell Ibblek Ookerton: I made a new char called Feefy. :)
> Ibblek Ookerton asks you: Feefy hm. Warrior?

Pthag's wispy voice comes from the small stick, saying: I suspect you may be
stabbing people in a subsconcious attempt to love your mother.

(Playtesters) Drakkos wisps: > Noobie arrives from the south. Noobie follows
(Playtesters) Drakkos wisps: What cruel irony.
(Playtesters) Caviar wisps: "Oh, so you're a creator? I want to be a creator!"

(Playtesters) Avatar wisps: It's just not fair! I spend so much xp on,
and it doesn't do anything!
(Playtesters) Avatar wisps: Maybe I should take up pottery

(Two) VikiQ wisps: Me and my brother were talking about the MUD the other
(Two) VikiQ wisps: My mum told me to get a life, and just looked at me funny
when I told her I already had four.

(Playtesters) Ded wisps: woo! Error: cannot find "/w/dasquian/cmds/0".
(Playtesters) Dasquian wisps: Uhoh ;p

(Witches) Dislexia wisps: Nah, I'll just sleep with him.
(Witches) Dislexia wisps: oops

(Playtesters) Ded wisps: rofl!!!! Sarilak's blade glows green and sprays acid
at the straw dummy.
(Playtesters) Ded wisps: Limdul exclaims in Djelian: Try using a weapon,

(Playtesters) Drakkos wisps: I confess I didn't really care much about ruining
his life, because he was simply the worst kind of revoltingly antagonistic
and moronic toad.

Narmio wisps: These rumours of trees being present in Gloomy Forest are Lies.
Narmio wisps: There never has been, and never will be, any trees in any forest
on this Disc!

(Playtesters) Warrax wisps: Kill them both and see how many regen! :) *has a
practical approach to playtesting*

(Witches) Gitta wisps: Aye, and I think it was still down until uptime.

Maya's wispy voice comes from the small stick, saying: It's too quiet! *starts
an argument about whether Dog is real, and gnu control*

> To the southwest, Zebkrahn yells: Selling Katana Wakizashi $50!
(Witches) Hagg wisps: oh i thought they were more than that :P

Verloc wisps: Yes I'm half player, half vegetable! :)

"Harder, Wodan, harder!"
-- Flurble at the MUDmeet 2003

Xylo Illusione tells Nayeli al'Nighter and you: I'm trying to stop my mind at
Wodan's hardening.. very quickly..

(newbie) Xorchea: what is the Seamstress' Guild for?

(Witches) Nayeli wisps: they're all 'i never make tea and i don't enchant and i
refuse to delude and i hate newbies!!!!' they must have joined the guild
for the uberfighting/numberchasing ability.

Mischievious S'olicited tells you: you're just the tough whip-cracker sweetie
who's really only being nasty and horrible to help people to never have to
ask the same question twice cos you made them feel like a stupid enough
git the first time :)

(Playtesters) Shinobi wisps that he shrugs taffyd
(Playtesters) Shinobi wisps: oops, misshrug

(newbie) Hub: Right, I admit it, after quite a while moving in no doubt
technically impossible directions I've got myself lost, any chance of some
help. Very embarrasing...
You newbie-tell: Don't worry about that, dear, L-space bests the most seasoned
> AtreuS tells you: I find a coat of thyme helps me navigate L-space just fine,

[after I managed to fall from the same cliff five times]
Jelena wisps: Well, hello cliff. Long time no see.
Pokeberry wisped: jelena!
Jelena wisps: Yes, dear?
Pokeberry wisped: I see a tall dark stranger in your future, named cliff. You
will fall hard for him.
Alyona wisps: Over and over again....
Caviar wisps: But be wary, for Cliff shall try to hurt you.
Pokeberry wisps: ..and over and over and over
Pokeberry wisps: It's been a rocky relationship from the start
Shinobi wisps: unless you can cling to him, then it'll be less painful
Caviar wisps: I see a smashing future for them, though.

(newbie) Mental:

(Playtesters) Dasquian wisps: We like being treated like the bitches we are

Teela Onna Stik tells you: I'm just reading a cosmetics thread about the merits
of anal sex. And then I'm gonna look up someone's map and be Brave and Go For
It. :)
You blink at Teela Onna Stik.
Teela Onna Stik exclaims to you: *the Walk! go for the Walk!

-- by Miki de Sade

(Witches) Gitta wisps: Oooo, a samurai a bodyguard and a dealer.
(Witches) Emer wisps: Are they going into a bar?

You ask Fresno D'Phoenix: Could you please look at the pendant on me?
> Fresno D'Phoenix looks at your octagonal pendant.
> Fresno D'Phoenix tells you: that's all? :) or is this one of them witchy bits
where you just caught my soul and drained it into that pendant to be kept
inthere till eternity full of agony, pain and ... no wait, that was from
another movie :)

(newbie) Jelena: There's torches, lanterns, yellow rings and candles (if you're
desperate) sold in shops.
(newbie) Jelena: Er, desperate for a light, that is. *blush*

> A priestess rushes past from the south with her fingers in her ears.
Brother Eiffels and Slick Pyto Von PotHedz arrive from the south.

(Witches) Kaos wisps: i assure you i'm well lubricated :)

> Deadly Archana says: one day i shall find a way to pickle all corpses
Deadly Archana says: i have a collection of cre corpses

(newbie) Drazzic: what are the requirments for a sarilak, other than evil?
(newbie) Dogbolter: You must have hands.

[on another day]
(newbie) Haezel: It keeps saying cannot find 'both hands'

(Witches) Yavanna wisps: go-on try, harder, *harder*,*HARDER*, thank you!

Juan has died for the last time. He was a bigamist. He was found out. He
leaves behind 2 children, a pig, and a leg in the fourth wifes cooking pot.

> Vermillion d'Deridex tells you: Everything is worse in Norway! :P

(Apex) Wallscape wisps: Oi you, out of the gene pool!

(cre) Ceres: Desting those players wasn't the right way to go :(

> (newbiehelpers) Nate Sanguina: *07:05:31* Tasslehoff newbie-told: Drugs are for
losers, touching yourself in public gives a far greater rush.
(newbiehelpers) Nate Sanguina: And that lost him the newbie command for a while

(Witches) Koryn wisps: Tasting and testing / beer and random alcohol. / Death
of ginger Sas.

(Witches) Alluric wisps: do we know the skill check for biddy amble's yet?
(Witches) Jelena wisps: Ask Woom, she helped PT it. Muahaha.
(Witches) Woom wisps: No, don't ask me! Ask my sister, the medium Woom, she's
much wiser!
(Witches) Woom wisps that she skips across the bridge.
(Witches) Yavanna wisps: medium woom?
(Witches) Alluric wisps: i dont think they let her out often enough
(Witches) Yavanna wisps: what does that make the regular Woom? Large or small?
(Witches) Alluric wisps: wait a minute, are you implying im troll like?
(Witches) WOom wisps: Don't ask me! Ask my sister, the large Woom, she's much
(Witches) WOom wisps that she trots across the bridge.
(Witches) Alluric wisps: do we get to eat this one or what?
(Witches) WOOM wisps that she pushes Alluric in the river.
(Witches) Alluric wisps that she invents floaties
(Witches) WOOM wisps that she stomps across the bridge.
(Witches) Alluric wisps: well there goes my best pair of plaid bloomers
(Witches) WOOM wisps that she joins Woom and WOom.
(Witches) WOom wisps: Oh, hi WOOM!
(Witches) WOOM wisps that she eats some grass.
(Witches) Alluric wisps: if they do a little dance we should run
(Witches) Woom wisps that she follows WOOMs example.
(Witches) Chat wisps: Schizophrenia is fun for both of me.

(Apex) Maya wisps: If I had more minions, this world would be a better place!
(Apex) Maya wisps: For me, anyway.

> (Apex) Empathy wisps: Oh, no. My mum was a queenslander. I have one and a half

(Playtesters) Ded wisps that he wiggles his long... title around the channel

(Apex) Hurukan wisps: I am so smart!
(Apex) Hurukan wisps: s-m-r-t!

> (Witches) Nate wisps: Your bat has made a break for PT land.
> (Witches) Nate wisps: I expect at least 3 bug reps from your bat before the day
is out!

(Playtesters) Warrax wisps: I probably fight more trolls than any other npcs.
(Playtesters) Lucretia wisps that she accuses warrax of being a dwarf ;)

Chat wisped: I'm not a piece of code! I'm a data file.

(Witches) Jeanne wisps that she follows Jelena around with a saucer of milk,
looking somewhat dazed and behind the conversation.

Gitta wisps: I'm at an age where you get narsty thingummies in your face,
Pinkfish wisps: Noses?
HaloJ wisps: eyes/
Gitta wisps: No, I'm carefully cutting away all the noses I get.

(Apex) Beale wisps: LIES! EVERYONE knows EFF stops ALL blows, NEVER falls down,
does 500 damage per round to every NPC, and makes you toast in the

(Two) Penguin wisps: Touch me!

Wodan wisps: no, i can't meteor people, i'm not even logged on! :D

(Playtesters) Yalpf wisps: Ok, yes, I get the point. I'm an exceedingly stupid
and badly organised wizard. :p
whois yalpf
That is Holy Yalpf the Hierophant of Hat, Don't maek me dei!, Funeral Director,

(Playtesters) Devon wisps: Oo. I like that idea. Wizards with Pasley satchels.
(Playtesters) Rodion wisps: Uh. No.

Pauyrmouse newbie-told: Anywhere near the drum where I can find
something low level to kill (ie higher than rat/roach?)
Mental newbie-told: *hides*

(Two) Sokkard wisps: TEST?

(Two) Pthag wisps: *claps*
> (Two) Pthag wisps: Solly, my agatean accent didn't come acloss vely werr thele.

(newbie) Newpishie: The womble has eluded my investigations!

(Two) Jeremiah wisps: I'm sure there are some very nicepeople in Doncaster.
(Two) VikiQ wisps: There were, then I moved to London.

(Two) Arene wisps: 90% of child molesters are parents and relatives. 100% of
people have parents and relatives. 90% of people were molested as a child.

(Two) GamGalkalon wisps: wonders if he should start having sex0r with someone
other than random fems who pick him up off the streets..
(Two) Ropian wisps: naaah

You tell Sasquatch von Bruxa: Go code something.
> Sasquatch von Bruxa shudders at you.

> (newbie) Sukey: I founded teh womble :)

(Witches) Dishrag wisps: Borrowing. Thye Takyng Ovyr off thye body off
anothyrre beyinge. In exceptionylle cafef, thyngef that arre not Othyrre
Beyingef maye bye Takyn Ovyr.

> Accidental Ceres unrolls his carpet, climbs on and mutters to it. The carpet
immediately flips through 180 degrees unceremoniously depositing Accidental
Ceres on the floor. Accidental Ceres climbs back on and zooms off into the
hastily erected sunset.

To the south, Crafty Volcom The Undead shouts asking: Sex?
> To the south, Crafty Volcom The Undead shouts: I am so coming then

(Playtesters) Archana wisps: go to Uberald, learn Uberwaldean, die a horrible
messy death. plus you can buy a tshirt to show your friends

Chat Innocently admires your blackness and midnightness.

Woom von Bruxa tells you: "Er, I was in the UU yesterday, now I'm back above
the disc. What's going on with the armadillo?" How wonderful that'd sound
to someone not introduced to the Disc! ;)

(newbie) Feantur: I would recommend calling on your hairy godmother in case you are lost.
(newbie) Feantur: Fairy! I said fairy!

(cre) Nate: Hehehe. 'I fucking hate witches!'
(cre) Granny Weatherwax: Watch your fucking mouth, Nate.

(Playtesters) Dasquian wisps: And thus, did the playtesters realise they were
too low-skilled to get in there. And didst they say, "Lawks, buggereth
this for ae larke, Ae am going home"

> (Playtesters) Talen wisps: i found nayeli!
(Playtesters) Jelena wisps: Dead or alive?
> (Playtesters) Talen wisps: alive!
(Playtesters) Sasquatch wisps: she's a quest npc

Woom von Bruxa tells you: [jelena <PLAYER> not quite killed by ignoring the
obvious and getting a lesson in mathematics. <Ram>]

(Playtesters) Polleke wisps: do a "jumps list here", if that turns up empty,
bugger a cre ;)
(Playtesters) Drakkos wisps: You know, you probably want to check that the cre
is okay with that first.

(Witches) Mysterious wisps: Which is the biggest container for liquids?
> (Witches) Lately wisps: A dwarf?

(newbie) Soothsayer: Nate, can you remove his newbie :)

*09:06:23* Jelena newbie-told: Chat thattaway, please! --->
> Sined tells you: no she's not, Chat last logged off 2 hours, 48 minutes and 30
seconds ago.

> (Playtesters) Avatar wisps: "<Player> tells you: please respond;<Player> asks
you: wait what is a playteser?;<Player> asks you: are you testing
me?;<Player> tells you: crap"

(Playtesters) Talen wisps: hm, someone mind helping me out?
(Playtesters) Shinobi wisps: i would, if i knew where you are, what help you
need and.. where i am would be helpful, too. :)

(Playtesters) Talen wisps: woo, got sasquatch, thanks :)
(Playtesters) Panin wisps: oh, be gentle with him, won't you?

Talen says: wjat lo;;ed upi
> Talen asks: what killed you?

(Playtesters) Nayeli wisps: if i make an npc called penguin, will the players
head explode? please?

(newbie) WillowB: anyone know how i can get a sack
(newbie) Joup: swear at your boss

(Playtesters) Jelena wisps: No, why? If I was PK I could suck other players...
er... that came out wrong.

(Playtesters) Carino wisps: sign of the times, I have Gonorrhea on my mind
(Playtesters) Gin wisps: ...
(Playtesters) Sasquatch wisps: never heard of people having it there before

Xylo Illusione looks at your hardened conker.